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By Kerr1

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My compost bin has the biggest slugs I've ever seen in my life. I once asked about this and was told that the slugs would do a good job of breaking down the contents of the bin and as I would be using the compost fom the bottom to leave the slugs alone. However, I find it hard to believe that this is ok as the numbers and size is really quite awful.



I worry when im using my compost that eggs or slugs end up in my borders or pots kerr, i once took a hanging basket down to give a good soak and to deadhead and there was the biggest snail i had ever seen in it, now how did that get there, it needed to be a gymnast to get up there. i throw pellets in my bins now, i hate the little garden destroyers. scoop them up on a shovel and throw them into a bag and bin them. YUK.

29 May, 2013


I scoop them out of mine too..they are always in the lid of mine,and under the rim..but no hiding place from me..I know your hiding place you little B's...:o).This is one area I use slug pellets..around the base of the bin,so it helps a lot..

29 May, 2013

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