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I purchased an evergreen tree about 18 months ago, it was one which had been trained into a 'Twist' design.
Until we placed it into a protective position in the garden for winter all was well. Having placed it back in position we noticed it had changed color, and gone rather dull as though 'dying'. Up until now it has shown very little, if any, signs of improvement. I am wondering if the severe weather last year may have affected it, but two other conical evergreen trees we have, not much older, are fine.



More info required and a photo would be very useful, if possible. What variety of tree is it, and is it a different variety from your other evergreen trees? In a pot or in the ground?

29 May, 2013


On chelsea the other day the guy in charge of the topiary said not to trim them when they are in the sujn as it causes scorch, cold wind may also cause problems especially for new growth

29 May, 2013

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