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I have a rosemary plant that has not flowered for the past two years. It is bushy and growing well and the first year I had it (3 years ago) it flowered very well. Can anyone tell me why it doesn't flower any more please ?



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I have small potted rosemaries. They don't seem to grow much. Any idea what's wrong? I place them under direct sun

29 May, 2013


have you been cutting or trimming them, and if so, when? Are they planted in a sunny spot (when there is any sun, that is)

29 May, 2013


The rosemary plant is in a sunny position and I don't cut it at all. There are other plants around it, would this make any difference ?

29 May, 2013


Not really, unless they're casting a lot of shade on the Rosemary. Might just be the poor weather conditions up where you are - mine's flowered this year on a southfacing balcony in London, but very sparse indeed, almost as if it really couldn't be bothered. With the weather we've had for the last couple of springs, I can't say I blame it...

29 May, 2013


You've not been feeding it have you? They don't seem to like any kind of fertiliser.

30 May, 2013


Hi Sophie, no I haven't been feeding it. I thought perhaps that was the problem and that it needs feeding ?

Thanks for your comments Bamboo, I hope you're right about it perhaps being the weather.

2 Jun, 2013

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