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My nan was given an amarylis when she turned 16 and kept it until she died at 91 (5 years ago). My mum took care of it and sadly she passed last year so I have inherited the plant. I am very sad because it's dying. I have another amarylis which I keep on the window sill and it's thrived there (flowering for the last few years) so I thought this one would do the same. I water it twice a week and it's still in its original pot. The leaves are going yellow and have brown patches on them. Any suggestions would be welcome

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It may be diseased, as the leaves are yellow with brown patches and still in it's original pot it may have been waterlogged. If you look at the top of the bulb, push back the leaves with two table knives you may see what looks like cotton wool, this would be eelworm.

27 Jan, 2010


Apart from what Doc Bob has said......watering twice a week, seems excessive.. Try taking it out of its pot and checking its will soon see if they have rotted due to to over watering...if not...pot up in fresh compost in not too big a pot....they prefer tob e pot bound...and keep an eye on watering.....Good luck....check out growing instructions in Amaryllis page of GoYpedia

27 Jan, 2010


I have no advice, Guest, but this is a rathewr venerable bulb that you have taken responsibility for. I do hope that it survives for you.

27 Jan, 2010

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