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I've had a holly bush planted in the garden for the last 3 years, sadly, it doesn't appear to be growing at all. It seems quite healthy but not getting any bigger. I have been feeding it. Can you help please?



Hollies are quite slow growing, and particularly in their first few years. Patience, I'm afraid... but it might help if you photograph it in the same month every year, then you might be able to see that it has grown a little, and that might be a bit of comfort.

29 May, 2013


Holly leaves rarely live more than 18 months, so it must be growing some, or it would be going bald. Look for lighter, shinier new shoots, anytime from March through June, depending on your latitude.

30 May, 2013


Bamboo and Tugbrethil,

Thank you both for your response

1 Jun, 2013

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