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Cornwall, United Kingdom Gb

Should i be starting to prune things back in my newly acquired garden,I was told to wait until spring,but with daffodils everywhere,I'm not sure when spring starts anymore!!?



it depends entirly on what you want to prune , if you were to tell us we can tell you when for each. and welcom to GOY ,and if you do not know the names of some things a photo of the plant and leaf.will give the gardners on the site a good idear and they will be able to help you.

28 Jan, 2010


Your spring will be earlier than anywhere else in the country - it starts in the west and works its way up and across the country! Nonetheless, as Cliffo says, it depends what you want to prune - fuschias and hydrangeas should not be touched yet, for instance. It's okay to prune Wisteria though.

28 Jan, 2010


I would wait till spring March/April as you do need to identify your plants because some plants wont flower that season if you prune in the spring etc.

28 Jan, 2010

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