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Why have my nerine bowdini bulbs stayed dormant

Midlothian, United Kingdom Gb

Why have my nerine bowdini stayed dormant- been in for 2 years and feel firm with a few small roots



they flower later on in the year, but would have thought you would be able to see the leaves on the bulbs by now though, mine are just through in my planter. I know they like sunshine and need it to make them flower too. Are they a new bulb and if not did they produce flowers last year?

30 May, 2013


If they have been in the ground all winter then I would check if they are still solid. They need really free draining soil to survive outside as our winters are too wet otherwise. Mine are about 1cm tall at present.

30 May, 2013


Thank you both for the help - I have updated my question but will replant them in a planter and see what happens !

30 May, 2013


Mine are in a pot in a sheltered SW facing corner and have been in full leaf for several weeks now - don't want to worry you. Hope yours grow soon.

30 May, 2013


Thank you all so much

31 May, 2013

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