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My lupin needs repotting into larger pot...the thing is its quite a size now an there are buds on it. I dont know wether to leave it till next spring or do it now.
Would it be ok if im careful?



Well "Lupins" in pots,
I'd leave well alone until they've finished flowering and then trim them down and then re-pot,
My own "Lupins" are outside and i trim them down after the first flowers and late summer i get a second flowering, its the seeds off this second show i keep after they've flowered and sow those seeds next spring.
Hope this helps.

30 May, 2013


Lupins like to develop a long tap root, and are much better planted in the ground, but they like a light sandy loam, well drained, they don't like wet feet, so if you have a clay soil, they're probably better off in pots. Derek.

30 May, 2013


Put them in the ground now - it will do no harm and help with keeping them moist during summer. I have clay soil and actually have a problem with Lupin self seeding and regrowing from roots derek - it is well drained clay I suppose.

31 May, 2013


Hi Kildermorie, I tried growing lupins for years on clay soil, not the really sticky stuff, just lumpy, and it was pretty well drained, but I always lost them in the first winter, eventually I dug out about a 4 ft square, x 18" deep, mixed soil and sharp sand and grit, forked over the bottom of the hole, and refilled with the mixture, I have had no trouble since, so for me they need a sandy loam, Derek.

31 May, 2013

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