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have a "jungle" border wwhich includes a gunera. unfortunately due i suppose to climate change/late spring is no more than a couple of inches high. tempted to cut my losses and subsitute something more suitable to our temperate climate. anybody daft enough as me to have a gunera in the garden? if so how are you faring?



Mine has 2 leaves that are about 30cm tall, with more about to come out. They need lots of water and a regular feed to grow large. If you have clay/heavy soil then that will help in spting summer. It takes a few years to establish and to get Jungle big. It is worth waiting for.

Have you tried Rheum or Rodgersia? They have the large leafs you are after.

Also try this forum about jungle plants -

1 Jun, 2013


thanks. have got clay so heavy it sank the bismark! i do water it almost daily. mine has about three or four leaves about 3.876cms long. thanks for the plant hints, got two rheums and three rodgersia, but will go on the hardy tropicals web-site for more plants. appreciate the reply kilermorie. dave

1 Jun, 2013

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