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By Raine

Suffolk, United Kingdom Gb

I have a acacia arwata [mimosa} second year in pot. Itake it indoors in winter to avoid frosts. this year not many flowers and think it needs a boost. whats best for feed and when or if prune? raine



Prune after flowering to keep it a tidy shape, and repot every 2 years immediately after flowering, so you'll need to do that this year. Feed and water regularly (weekly for the feed, depending on which one you use) during the growing season (spring to early summer). Best in a soil based compost such as John Innes No. 2, though it can be mixed with a bit of multi purpose to make it lighter. Baby Bio or Phostrogen houseplant food should be fine.

1 Jun, 2013


many thanks

3 Jun, 2013

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