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Can anyone identify this plant in the Culzean Castle Gardens, Ayrshire by botanical and/or common name please

100_1584 100_1583



Looks like one of the Rhododendron species to me...hopefully someone will tell you which one.

1 Jun, 2013


It is a Rhodendron but not sure which one.

1 Jun, 2013


Agree rhododendron but no idea which one... though I would expect it to be a species rhodo rather than a cultivar

1 Jun, 2013


Rhodo, the soft green 'candles' in the first picture are the new leaves emerging and the 'spiders' lower down are the seed heads left after the flowers have gone over. Agree with Mg that, being at Culzean, it will be species Rhodoendron rather than a cultivar. Sorry, cannot say which.

1 Jun, 2013


Thanks so far Guys I suspected Rhoddy by the leaves - still hoping for a species name

1 Jun, 2013


Kandersteg -why not e-mail them your photo, and ask if there Head Gardener can identify it for you?

1 Jun, 2013


Andrew - it's an National Trust property and getting through the red tape is well nigh impossible with no email contact direct with the gardener ( I know as I am an NT volunteer lol) I will visit again in the summer and check. I put the pics online on facebook and my American friends all want one!

1 Jun, 2013


You might not find a direct email address but the Culzean visitor centre phone number is 0844 493 2149. I've contacted NTS properties in the past and found them very helpful - unlike the south-of-the-border NT. I'd guess that you'd need to be able to give them a reasonable location - it's only 600 acres or so :o)

2 Jun, 2013

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