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Why have all my Cox's Orange Pippin flowers fallen of my espaliered, pot apple tree already?

Thanks for all the helpful replies. We've had insects, I've kept it watered + there may well be little squashy b
'bulbs' that are a sign of fruit. Thanks again



Were there any insects around to pollenate them? If not then the flowers will simply fall off.

2 Jun, 2013


The flowers fall off as part of the trees pollenation,
the flowers fall off and the fruit is formed,
Ive never seen the flowers stay on the tree all summer.

Have a close look "today" to see if you can see any sign of fruit forming?
And come back and let us know your findings?

2 Jun, 2013


Its in a pot so have you kept it watered?
Also the cold wind or wet can cause the flowers to fall before being pollinated.
If it is a very young tree in its first or second year its probably too young to fruit anyway.

2 Jun, 2013

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