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The fronts on my canary date palm have turned brown after over wintering, some are green at the base, do I cut them off.




What's important is whether there's any evidence of new growth at the growing tip, the top of the plant. I'd wait and see what happens - if new growth arrives, then cut off dead, brown fronds. If nothing arrives, I'm afraid it's a gonna.

2 Jun, 2013


I find growing these palms to be more trouble than they're worth, in my opinion, you're much better off with a Trachycarpus fortuneii, you don't have to mess about wrapping them up for winter, with straw and sacking, or bubble wrap, which you need to take off on sunny days, and put back on at night, just plant them and forget them, no trouble at all, Derek.

2 Jun, 2013


Agree with Derek. Winter is too wet here for CIPD to do well unless you have really well draining soil. They do grow in the UK - coastal parts on the south coast of england and mild western part of Scotland. If you really like them then treat as summer bedding - they are getting very cheap.

2 Jun, 2013

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