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By Lynney

Have rescued a neighbour's azalea, very straggly, no leaves but full of white blooms. Is about 2ft tall and in a large pot. Thought I would leave it alone for now and prune and repot in autumn. Will it re-leaf and survive?

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Hi Lynny,welcome to G O Y, the fact that it's flowering well, tells you that it's still very much alive, if no leaves have appeared by the time it's finished flowering, try gently taking it out of the pot, and see if it's pot bound, that means all the roots going round in circles, with no or very little soil visible, if so, you will need to repot into a larger pot, with ericaceous compost, but try to tease the roots out of their tight circles with your fingers, it doesn't matter if you break a few roots, the idea is to break the cycle of going round in circles, and to get the roots to grow outwards, but I suspect that you will have leaves before very long, if it has been in the same pot for quite a while, it could still need repotting, Derek.

2 Jun, 2013


Thank you very much, Derek, fingers crossed then for later in the year. I'm glad to know that I was thinking in the right direction.

2 Jun, 2013

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