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Identify a shrub please.
This is growing in my neighbours garden and he cant remember planting it nor if it flowered last year. It has very distinct lenticels on its bark.
So if you can help it will put me out of my misery too. I'm sure I do know it but for the life of me............

Petes_shrub London_2013_035



Didn't put a hydrangea paniculata in there did you?

2 Jun, 2013


no I dont think he did, though I have a dim memory of him buying a new named variety from a sunday newspaper and then being disappointed when it turned up in a 9cm pot he had read it as 9". it cost him £15.

the bark is certainly very hydrangea isnt it though the leaves are not quite like the ones on mine. mmmmm thanks Worthy.

3 Jun, 2013


this is very strange! Because my daughter has one that looks like this just 'popped up' in her garden and looks very healthy, but she didn't plant anything, and assumed it was a seed from a passing bird. Oh No.........

3 Jun, 2013


well it isnt the hydrangea, that is growing well in another part of his garden. It has been pruned 2 years on the trot. I have told him to leave it alone and see if it flowers. It isnt a willow.

4 Jun, 2013


Just had a thought - lilac, one like Josee which is a medium grower. It's possibly because it's all the newest growth?

19 Jun, 2013


the bark looks about right but the leaf shape and 'thickness' is wrong for lilac.

19 Jun, 2013


this is making flowers and looks like it is a lilac from the flower form but which species?

5 May, 2014

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