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Do I pinch off the yellow flowering seeds that appear in the Spring regarding the Aeonium Zwartkop Succulent plant



Hello and welcome to Goy Succulents sorry cant answer .

But I am sure someone shall be able to.

2 Jun, 2013


I have seen A. zwartkop growing wild in Madeira but do not grow it myself. From the internet I find that it is a shrub (!) but not monocarpic (dies after flowering) so you should not need to cut out its flowers which are described as one of its attractions. Hopefully an Aeonium grower will also respond to your question, Succulents.

2 Jun, 2013


I have this aeonium but I'm not fortunate enough for it to flower. When I looked it up the flowers are described as attractive so I certainly wouldn't cut them off, just enjoy them.

2 Jun, 2013


Very impressed, I never had any flowers on my Aeoniums. Mine succumbed to woolly aphid in the end, it was taking me so long each week to de-bug them that I decided to give up and gain a bit more gardening time.

3 Jun, 2013

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