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Hi, I bought a topiary ball from Morrisons and wanted to re-pot it in a more prettier container which was just a touch bigger than the tub it came in. Instead of soil, it is growing in some sort of clay/sandy mixture. I have no idea what it is.

Can i add soil to fill the gaps in the new container? What is this mixture and why is it used insteand of regular garden soil?

Thanks in advance.



It sounds like it is a john inneis type f compost. you can certainly 'backfill' gaps between roots and new pot with fresh compost. Id probably use a good general purpose compost myself.

welcome to GoY also.

28 Jan, 2010


if it arrived at morrisons in clay/sand it could be from Italy or Holland, a lot of the stuff i order comes the same way.

28 Jan, 2010

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