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please can you tell me what flower i have in garden its a 4 ft potted plant like small tree only has three or four flowers on every three years as you can see its a beuitiful large flower opening to approx 7 inch across green foliage is arrowed veined leaf with slightly serated edge 3 inch long and 1.5 inch width across ???

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it looks like a magnolia but dont know which one.

3 Jun, 2013


That was my thought too SBG

3 Jun, 2013


Thanks loads just done quick search and looks like a blazing beauty or an heaven sent but not sure ????????????? defo magnolia though thanks and sure get to bottom of it !!! keep you posted when i find out !!!!! Take care and thanks again

3 Jun, 2013


Could be M. stellata 'Susan' ?

3 Jun, 2013


Thanks everyone just searched and seen pics that matches my flower THE LAST FLOWER by cristina !!!!!! the magnolia (susan) !!! Yip EEEEEEE !!! this sites fantastic !!! Thanks again all !! TEZ

3 Jun, 2013


Defo a stellata (star shaped) magnolia.

3 Jun, 2013


Have a look at Magnolia 'Jane'

6 Jun, 2013


Hi looked at jane and the bud to the flower is quite pink but the bud to sarah is ruby as in pics posted many thanks Tez!!!!:-)

7 Jun, 2013

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