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On Saturday we had a plant sale at the village hall, more of a plant swap between members of the garden club really!

One lady knowing I liked unusual things sold me a Persian Germander, all she said was that it has blue flowers. I looked it up on the RHS and various books but can't find it anywhere.

It looks very like lemon balm but no scent, does anone have any more info about it.




germanders tend to be one of the Teuchrium genus. see if that helps with the id. There is a persian speedwell that has crinkly leaves, Veronica persica.

3 Jun, 2013


Germander speedwell is a kind of Veronica so I would agree with Seaburngirl that what you have may well be a Veronica.

3 Jun, 2013


If it is Germander Speedwell, be very careful as it can be a terrible weed.

3 Jun, 2013


Thank you, I don't think it is a speedwell as I've found a picture of that, I do find bits of that in the garden growing as weeds.

Teuchrium could be a possibility, hopefully it will flower and I'll have more to go on.

4 Jun, 2013

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