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hi all, need some id help please. my mum had this growing in her garden and told me it was wild garlic but im not sure, it does smell very garlicy though.




The leaves don't look right for wild garlic. Could be wild leek.

3 Jun, 2013


just had a look at pictures of wild leek and its still not quite the same. its the leaves again! thank you.

3 Jun, 2013


Spring onion?

3 Jun, 2013


wrong smell. it does smell of only garlic and not onion. this is turning into a mystery! definitely allium family though.

3 Jun, 2013


find a vampire and if it kills him/her its garlic. i should know i,m a bigonion

3 Jun, 2013


It looks like a welsh onion to me Catty. I grew some last year and this looks very like them.

3 Jun, 2013


If that's what it is its a perennial and should clump up like chives (unless this was the only one...)

4 Jun, 2013


im still unsure, my mum has contacted the person that gave it to her and now they say its an elephant garlic! we are going to wait a few months and pull up some more and see whats on the end of it! thank you all for the help, will edit this question in a few months!

5 Jun, 2013


Its going to have to grow a heck of a lot more to be elephant garlic!

6 Jun, 2013


thats what i thought! the person is a gardener as well, its very confusing! i think its definitely some sort of garlic due to the smell of it but thats as far as i go!

6 Jun, 2013

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