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By Pam24

London, United Kingdom Gb

Please identify this plant, I have forgotten what it is called and lost the label. It is growing in amongst some Hydrangeas but the leaves are clearly seen and flower. Thanks very much.

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cant see a picture Pam?

3 Jun, 2013


Meconopsis cambrica, Welsh Poppy

3 Jun, 2013


Yup it is indeed and self seeds readily all over the garden so dead head if you don't want it to take over.

4 Jun, 2013


And take over it certainly does! It took me ages to eradicate the darned thing in our Cheshire garden: seedlings kept popping up for years after I pulled up all the plants.

4 Jun, 2013


Leave one bit of root in the ground and it will regrow... We 'try' to keep it under control :-)

4 Jun, 2013


thank you very much guys, I shall write that down and put a label near it!! I don't mind it self seeding, its so cheerful!

4 Jun, 2013


You might Pam when it has taken over half of your garden and seeded in the middle of a precious plant or shrub... I still recommend deadheading.

4 Jun, 2013


Just so, MG. I've got one that pops up in the middle of a silver variegated euonymus - a bit unconventional but pretty! I rather like it so it stays.

4 Jun, 2013


I like it (in other people's gardens) because my grand aunt used to have it all over her old cottage garden when we would visit.

4 Jun, 2013


ha ha, yes I like the cottage garden look, so mine can stay too :))

5 Jun, 2013


I think it is a pest as well Pam, I pull it up at the first signs if I can!!! Some manage to grow each year though - it is like a weed!!

21 Aug, 2013


Mine are increasing I must admit, but still at acceptable levels - for now!!:)

22 Aug, 2013

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