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Has anyone any experience of growing Zantedeschia aethiopica in shallow water?



yep, grow mine as a marginal and they do very well

4 Jun, 2013


have done in the past. but forgot to remove them and then in the very harsh winter in 2010 i lost them.

4 Jun, 2013


May I add a comment so that I, too may read the answers to this question, please, Vincent? I once came across a huge clump of very perfumed Zantedeschia growing in a garden in Jersey, and have wanted to have some of my own ever since.

4 Jun, 2013


Hi Gattina, what colour was it? I know the black ones have a perfume but the hardier Zantedeschia aethiopica (white) has a very faint perfume, not unlike Freesia. I have 2 in a container flowering right now. Think mine is crowthorne as I wanted the hardiest. Beautiful pure white.

4 Jun, 2013


I'm growing mine in a planting basket with the bottom couple of inches in water. The basket was stood in a cold greenhouse all winter (with no other protection), and the plant is now back in the pond and growing happily again

4 Jun, 2013


Hi, thanks for all so far. I should have added that the one I have just bought is a new cultivar called 'Flamingo' which is pink(ish). I am assured and have checked that it is indeed a cultivar of Z. aethiopica, not one of the tender ones. Shallow water, as above, seems ideal, as I could then lift it easily and store it over winter.

4 Jun, 2013


It was white, Kilder, and growing in a normal pot - very overcrowded and not particularly moist. I have researched it, and from pictures came to the somewhat doubtful conclusion that it was Z. aethiopica of some sort, and had planned to try finding some and giving them a happy start in life by growing them in pots half submerged in water (in another, bigger, shallower container) for most of the year. Any thoughts on that, anyone?

5 Jun, 2013

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