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I am not very computer literate and I cannot fathom out how to view all the 306 gravel garden pictures either 16at a time or slide show.Help please.Thank you



I cannot get the Slideshow option to work either, but the 16 at a time is ok.
Go to the bottom of this page and Click on 'G'
Find the Gravel Garden ideas and Click on it.
Find the 16 pictures at a time button and Click on it.
16 pictures appear at the bottom of the screen
To see another 16 Click on the Next button.
Click on a picture to see it in full size and read comments on it.

5 Jun, 2013


Thanks I will give that a whirl.

5 Jun, 2013


Welcome to GoY :o)
I've added this question to Gravel Garden ideas...
Please comment here to let us know if you are now able to view the pics and blogs :o)
Owdboggy has given an excellent explanation.

5 Jun, 2013


I suspect you don't get the kind of slideshow you are expecting - like flickr or the likes?
You have to click on the slideshow option. The first picture comes up, just happens to be Terratoonies garden on my pc. The top right you get next picture option - you need to keep selecting the pictures via this option rather than them move on in their selection automatically.
I hope I explained that correctly.

5 Jun, 2013


Hi Scottish .. brilliant ..
That's a useful description of the slideshow ..
I'm glad you added that.. :o)

6 Jun, 2013

How do I say thanks?

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