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By Dian89

Shropshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi, can someone tell me what variety this flax plant is. Many thanks.




I remember this pic - needs to be a closer up view, can't see leaf/flower detail clearly, even with enlarging. I'm wondering where you got 'flax' from - this is neither the annual flax nor New Zealand flax (Phormium). From this distance, it looks vaguely like a campanula, but the flowers are the wrong shape.

5 Jun, 2013


I think someone id'd it before Bamboo... And am struggling with my half asleep brain to bring the name forward. Not a campanula, as you say, flowers wrong... Grrr I'll probably wake in the middle of the night having remembered!

5 Jun, 2013


Is it a Linaria of some description ?

5 Jun, 2013


Could be Linaria lobatus

5 Jun, 2013


It looks to me like what I've always known as toadflax.

5 Jun, 2013


I think Linaria lobatus (white toadflax), too.

5 Jun, 2013


That's it! My, now awake, brain recognised!

6 Jun, 2013


Ah, so that's where the 'flax' bit came from...

8 Jun, 2013

How do I say thanks?

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