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By Jonah13

Berkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Is pyrethrine a fully comprehensive insecticide? Will it kill berberis sawfly caterpillar and everything else?



Yes, bees!

6 Jun, 2013



6 Jun, 2013


Do they lie on their backs with their legs in the air?

6 Jun, 2013


Pyrethroides are total insect killers. Used properly they will kill your caterpillars, but you just need to be very careful to spray once bees are not around. It is also lethal to water insects so avoid spraying near ponds.
I have never used insecticides so no idea how any of the insects react to it.

6 Jun, 2013


I just had to save two important bushes. Munch, munch. Is it systemic?

8 Jun, 2013


No that is the best part of Pyrethroides, they are not systemic , they are contact poisons. So, at least they do not affect pollen eating creatures, unlike Provado.

8 Jun, 2013

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