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By Raine

Suffolk, United Kingdom Gb

hi there i try to grow runner beans and as soon as i put the plants out they get eaten a little bit more each day until they have all gone. I always put plenty of slug pellets around them so what could it be help! raine



Pigeons or mice?

6 Jun, 2013


Pigeons would be my guess Cammomile... Bulba strings up old, free, CDs to keep them at bay.

6 Jun, 2013


You could protect the young plants by using big pop bottles with the bottoms cut off as mini cloches. Take the screw cap off so there is ventilation. Pigeons can't get at the plant and it is protected from bad weather while its getting established. Pop a few slug pellets inside to cover all eventualities.

6 Jun, 2013


many thanks all raine

7 Jun, 2013

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