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More than 1 question, trust that will be ok. 1) Have a very shady and damp bed what do I need to do to stop ground going green and also in my ignorance I have planted things in wrong place.Couple of Astilbe and Hosta which could do with being nearer the front.When should I move them?I now intend to put some ferns toward back and Foxgloves and anything else that may grow in this awkward spot.Unfortunately we were governed by old deep concrete bases which we used to put our new shed on so the problem bed is where there where 3 huge Leylandi.The shed is in the sunny spot!
2)We have put sleepers in to form beds along one side and did not put enough soil in so some of the plants are straining to see over the top!.Will I have to dig up all the plants before topping the bed up?
3)Soil under proposed gravel garden is quite damp+compacted I am currently loosening top 3inches should I be adding something like silver sand? It isn't clay as it does crumble eventually but it's been well trodden in the past and covered all last winter.
So now you know why I say SonotgreenFingers! My husband wants me to change my sign in as he said at a quick glance it doesn't sound very nice! So how do I do that!!??
Thank you all for your patience and help.



Hi Sonot you would have been better to ask your questions separately as they all pertain to different things. As to your GoY name you can't change it all you can do is open a new account with a different name.

As to question 1 unless you put a lot of humus rich material in where the 3 leylandii were the soil is likely to be very impoverished.Personally I'd wait until autumn to move any plant now unless it was a life or death situation.

Question 2 yes you will need to lift the plants add more compost and replant... again you might want to wait until autumn to do this.

Question 3 when you say 'gravel garden' are you going to be planting into the gravel or using containers? If in the ground then, again, you need to be digging in humus rich compost. If in containers I would level the whole area put down a black semi-permiable membrane and cover with a good thick layer of gravel and place your containers where you want them.

6 Jun, 2013


Thank you so much.

7 Jun, 2013

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