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what is japanese weed? a weed you cannot get rid of



You may be talking about Japanese knot weed which is a notifiable weed and which is nigh on impossible to get rid of. (When I say notifiable I mean the local council needs to be told so they can deal with it).

29 Jan, 2010


I agree with your first answer, but if it is for an exam , I will add,herbaceous perennial plant by the name of fallopia japonica,

29 Jan, 2010


In apperance this plant looks a little like bamboo, is about 3m high and has hollow, reddish coloured stems and reddish/green leaves. In the winter the the stems die away and leave woodenish stems littering the ground. It is difficult to get rid of and iff you dig it out the plants and any attached soil have to be taken to a licenced disposal site. Do NOT compost it.

29 Jan, 2010


As others say above, Japanese knotweed is a bully and hard work.
We bought our place here in 2001 and discovered a huge clump of this growing amongst some bamboo beside the pond.
We have hacked at it and pulled it out for nine years, but it still comes back and is gradually spreading out of the original area.
With persistence you can keep it under control, but you can never eradicate it, and you must make sure you don't remove the bits you have weeded or cut out to any other part of the garden or new plants will start coming up there.

30 Jan, 2010


Follow on question re knot weed
I know it's notifiable but is that only in public places or can I get the council in to get my neighbour to stop growing it - he likes the pretty flowers!! I dislike that it's breaking up the concrete under my shed.

31 Jan, 2010


I would try the council and also the Environment Agency. I don't know that they actualy can do anything but it is worth asking. If it is doing damage to your property then I would have thought that you had an case.

31 Jan, 2010

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