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what plants would grow in stones, rather than soil



This all depends on what is meant by stones. If you are talking about builders rubble then probably not much of interest.
On the other hand many plants can colonise natural stone environments. Many alpines grow in almost solid rock with their fine, fiberouse roots exploring tiny cracks deep into the rock. Below the solid rock is a bank of scree which is made of stones of a size ranging from boulders down to dust. Again, many alpine type plants find a home in here. There are even plants that grow in the shingle above the tide line on the coast.
In all these cases the plants tend to be small as the stones do not supply any rigid support to hold the plant up in windy weather.
It would be very useful and interesting if you could come back to GoY as a member and explain your question more fully as I am particularly interested in these types of plants.

29 Jan, 2010


I have a gravel garden - you might be talking about that sort of gardening, but Bulbaholic is right - do please join us and then we can chat properly.

29 Jan, 2010


I have Nigella that self seeds everywhere and has now spread to the gravel path that leads to the back garden. So I would say that Nigella would be a good one. Violas (the wild type) also self-seed there, as do forget-me-nots. I also had a few tomato plants spring up in the gravel path, I recycle cooking water so I guess the seeds came from there. They self-seeded late in the season so by November I had to rip them out, but they'd got to quite a size!

2 Feb, 2010

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