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By Julien

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Tomato advice please,

Not being an expert on growing tomato's, i would like some advice for my Daughter, she has recently bought her first house and is new to gardening, she brought a F1 beef tomato which was grafted onto a rootstock it has been re potted and has a support, she has kept the graft union free of soil, its growing away and is now two ft high, should there be signs of flowers by now? and does she need to pinch shoots out to encourage flowering, and how is this achieved, Thanks Julien



Where is she keeping it is it somewhere it won't be blown over?

Cordon plants are grown as one stem which needs strong support. when they are large enough to handle the small branches appearing at the joint between the leaf and the stem must be removed.

In a gh the cordons are taller than me but in a pot I,d stop by pinching out the top after three trusses.
Less if it gets much too tall.

2' as it is now should soon see the tiny flower truss appearing (don't pinch out the sideshoots until you can see the flower truss.....(I,d hate you to get bit wrong and pinch the flowers has been known. ;0)

When it has flowered and they fade you should see a tiny tomato appear, now is the time to give a weak feed of tomato food then follow the instructions on the bottle......and hope for a warm summer.....

Bush toms are smaller and easier, no pinching out and early to fruit

Good luck

9 Jun, 2013


Thanks for the reply Pamg, she has got the plant in a pot and is kept in a greenhouse, i will pass on the advice to her thanks julien.

9 Jun, 2013


Thats good Julien.
They sometimes grow taller in a gh before flowering.
This year I have 6 varieties and they all have different growing
habits some have tiny toms and others tight buds at the moment depending on the variety, its a fascinating project.

If its hot in the gh I wet the floor in a morning to keep the air moist and Very gently tap the plant when the flowers are open....its supposed to encourage pollination, I,ve not grown grafted plants, l only know that they are said to be stronger and more vigorous, it will be interesting to know how she gets on

10 Jun, 2013


Thanks pamg,

hopefully she will do well with them, i will let you know know how she does with them later in the season, thanks julien.

10 Jun, 2013

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