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Hello last year we had a large 150 yr old oak tree cut down as the roots were damaging neighbouring buildings. We now have a view of our end of garden neibours houses which I am eager to block out. I am looking for a fast growing tree not a dense tree, that loves water, as if I dig down 12 inches there is water sitting in my garden. Nothing with large roots! Preferebly an evergreen.



Personally I wouldn't be in a hurry to replace such a large tree that had done damage with another big tree. All big trees will have large roots I would have thought. Enjoy the extra light and space you have now, you'll soon get used to your new view.

10 Jun, 2013


Any fast growing tree to fill the space will tend to be a large tree ultimately. To find an evergreen which will tolerate that much wet might be a struggle. Mangrove comes to mind! I would use a deciduous tree, perhaps an Alnus (alder) or Nyssa (tupelo) cultivar instead. It's surprising how much a twiggy tree can take your eye off an unwanted view. What's the soil, clay, acid?

11 Jun, 2013

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