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i bought a lord lambourne apple tree 3 years ago and have never had an apple.It blossomed this year but all blossom and stalks have now fell off the tree.What am i doing wrong



lack of pollination perhaps?

Apple trees require not only pollinators, such as bees, but also the right sort of pollen. In general, even solitary apple trees will bear some fruit, but they will bear more with cross-pollination...(via another tree that supplies pollen). I have two apple trees that produce flowers at the same time as each other to cross pollinate.

10 Jun, 2013


Three suggestions:
Young trees take some time to establish so don't despair - their energy goes at first into good root systems and you shouldn't expect fruit at first.

This spring was dreadful and the blossoms may have been ruined by the weather as many others were.

If pollination is a problem try typing in Lord Lamboure Pollinators into Google for a list of varieties that will pollinate it. You should not really have been sold a single tree without the info that you need a polliantor either in your garden or a neighbouring one.

11 Jun, 2013


many thanks will not give up on my tree and do a bit of googleing.

11 Jun, 2013


We had a Lord Lambourne apple tree many years ago when I was a was on a dwarf root stock and only grew about 4 feet tall. It was onts own with no other apple tree near but every year produced about 100 lovely eating apples. They are truely delicious - but not a good keeper. My parents never sprayed anything and the fruits were always blemish free. Have faith in the tree.
Best wishes - Philip

12 Jun, 2013


So there's hope yet - stick with it!

14 Jun, 2013

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