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By Sue500

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can anyone tell me why the berries on one of my blueberry bushes start out really well and then sort of shrivel up and look as though they have been dried. i have 2 bushes within 3 feet of each other 1 is fine the other is as described. the same thing happened last year also after last years rain i dont think its lack of water. i give them xmas tree branches and special food for blueberries.



How much water is it getting? Especially if in a pot will need a lot of watering.

11 Jun, 2013


Our tap water is soft enough that we can use and is also very slightly acidic but, yes, if you live in a hard water area then you need to sue rainwater.

11 Jun, 2013


Oops 'use'! Christmas tree branches are not going to help your blueberry Sue they have nothing in them to feed the plant. Are the soil conditions different in the two places, is one in a frost pocket or rain shadow?

11 Jun, 2013

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