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Is this the start of blight on my tomatoes?




Could you have got water on the leaves in bright sunlight?

11 Jun, 2013


That would be my thought too Pam - doesn't look like blight.

11 Jun, 2013


Yes more than likely. Thank you , after a slow start with them I was hoping it wouldn't be anything serious. Shall I just pick the leaves off.

11 Jun, 2013


I'd let them be personally, still basically doing their job.

11 Jun, 2013


A little understanding of this type of leaves will help you know what your doing or not doing correctly,

The tomato leaves are a hairy make up and are very tender, when watering indoors before they've been hardend off you should ensure the water is not freezing cold as this will shock the plant and you'll soon see the shock via leave damage fill your can the night before and leave it in the same room/greenhouse or where the plants are over night, the water will be at the correct temp for your morning watering,
Only feed the toms from the soil /compost level and do not feed the feed by watering the leaves this will cause damage to the leaves.

I myself only ever "Mist spray" my toms, leaves and any water thats on the leaves when the sun comes out will damage the leaves,
The leaves are there to protect the fruit,
how ever once the fruit has grown large enough if you

remove the leaves the fruit will turn ripe quicker as the sun can get to the fruit when no leaves are in the way.

Here in france its very common to see clear plastic roofs over the line of outside toms, the idea being to keep the rain off the toms as rain water on the toms causes damage to the skins.
So now you have the full methods and reasons why we water & when & where ref toms.

11 Jun, 2013


So would I Moongrower, its just a few cells that have died, the rest are ok
The water droplet on the leaf acts like a magnifying glass when the sun gets on the leaf and burns it.
If its really hot and dry in the gh(well it used to happen :0)
I would spray overhead only when shady I sometimes damp down the floor to give a 'bouyant' atmosphere but nev er at night as it can cause the gh to become cold and damp

12 Jun, 2013

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