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By Star49

Derbyshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have a fox and his bolt hole at the bottom of my garden.
Im going to plant veg for the first time this year,will he eat or distroy my
veg plot?



they are not vegatiren, but you could grow him a few chickens,welcome to the site, they are not all mad on

30 Jan, 2010


I always hope that our resident fox will keep down the rabbits ! Foxes do mess in the garden and occasionally dig holes but are much less trouble! :0)

30 Jan, 2010


I'd rather have a fox than badgers, Star49. Want to swap?

Welcome to GOY, by the way.

30 Jan, 2010


Thanks for the welcome,think the fox will be staying, as long as he leaves things alone Ha!

30 Jan, 2010


just dont put your veg right next to his run and wash ya veg well as they mark there territory .your lucky to have them.even luckier to have badgers but it depends how you look at it . they were here first .

31 Jan, 2010


And don't leave out anything you want that a fox could use as a toy - like your gardening shoes or boots, gloves, empty pots and anything else you value that's left lying about. They love to take things to play with, especially the youngsters, they're like dogs for that. One of my friends forgot her folded dry laundry outside in the summer last year, left on a garden chair - it was all over the garden by the next morning...

1 Feb, 2010


i wish i could of sean them no disrespect lol

1 Feb, 2010


I saw one before Christmas playing on the lawn at the front here with what looked a bag of some kind, just looked like a white object at night - turned out, next day, to be a flattened paper bag. He'd jump up on the bench, toss the bag behind him and then "hunt" and stalk it, then do it all over again...

1 Feb, 2010


what a lucky man bamboo

1 Feb, 2010


foxy was in the field this morning showing up well against the frost, he seemed to have found breakfast! ( I didn't look too close)

1 Feb, 2010


you should get some binoculers .i would sounds lovley pam xx

1 Feb, 2010

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