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Hello, my lovely acer has mould on it - can anyone advise what it is and what to do? Thank you v much

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Hi Krk and welcome to GoY. Having turned the laptop sideways to look at the image I have to say that doesn't look like mould to me especially as it is also on the supporting cane and the pot itself. I think it is horse chestnut scale which does affect acers,

11 Jun, 2013


Definitely scale infestation - slightly dampen a cloth with methylated spirits and rub over the woody parts, removing the scale as you go. Do the same to the bamboo cane (where I can see some more) and the pot if there are any present there, but don't apply the cloth to the leaves.

11 Jun, 2013


Fantastic, thank you Moon Growe and Bamboo for your help. Off to get methylated spirits! Kate

12 Jun, 2013

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