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Hungary Hu

Im growing small carrots in a container but im really not sure they are carrots as the leaves look like carrot but they have no smell. Also when I thin them out the roots are white and no smell either so my question is are they carrots?



Carrots do look whitish when they are very small however, they do normally smell like a carrot. Any chance of a photo? Could they be parsnips?

12 Jun, 2013


No their not parsnips as I remember the seeds were abit like grass seed whereas parsnips seeds are flat or the ones Ive had are. From root to top these are about 5 inches tall now and still no smell but ive posted some pics maybe they will help. Thanks

14 Jun, 2013


I think they are just very small carrots. It is the root at smells rather than the leaves...

14 Jun, 2013


Thanks and time will tell.

15 Jun, 2013

How do I say thanks?

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