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By Hank

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Flowering tree.wot is it

I tried to send this the other day but seem to have failed somehow so I hope it doesn't appear twice. I know everyone will know what this is, but I don't. Picture attached ( I hope !). Thanks.




Difficult to look at because its sideways on - I'm curious about the variegated leaves I can see in the foreground, not sure whether they're part of the flowering plant or not. Without a better picture, or a close up of the flowers/leaves, I'd take an educated guess at Weigela or Dipelta ventricosa if the flowers have an orange throat.

13 Jun, 2013


Ive just fell off me chair trying to work it out,

and all i can see now is the cieling.

13 Jun, 2013


i reckon its a weigela but dont know which one.

13 Jun, 2013


Looks a bit like Kolwitzia (beauty bush) too but not sure.

13 Jun, 2013


It's weigela florida

13 Jun, 2013


Oh right, dont the leaves at the bottom of the pic belong to the shrub then? My W florida have lot of variegated leaves along the stems but then again, not as established as this shrub.

13 Jun, 2013


Thanks to all. Please see my next photos sent separately. These may clarify.

13 Jun, 2013


That's the trouble, Dawnsaunt - this colour flower on a Weigela is usually on a variety with variegated leaves, not plain.

14 Jun, 2013

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