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My house is north facing so my backyard doesn't get much sunshine. Would it be worth me starting a vegetable patch?



Yes you can start a veggie patch though the crops will not grow as well as they would if in full sun. Mr MB & I will be working with this during the coming season as the neighbour's garden which we are using to grow veggies is in part shade.

30 Jan, 2010


ive always wonderd if you could utilise mirrors to deflect light into the more shady areas .it mite not be practical . i know you can get mirrored plastic or tiles.

31 Jan, 2010


Interesting thought NP, would have to be sure the reflected light didn't burn the crops... wonder what otehrs think.

31 Jan, 2010


I thought the same as you Np, but haven't actually tried it.

31 Jan, 2010


i think its a good idea you could get dappled light with mirror tiles or a big mirror or 2 and put a trellis over it and grow a climber.ive baught them mirror discs on a piece of fishing line and that looks brilliant on a sunny day . sparkles like a subtle disco if you know what i mean .surley to burn your plants you would have to have glass with a magnifier as aposed to just mirror . still worth a thaught .i have a little corner that gets no direct light from about 6` down . im going to weight till i come across an old mirror or 2 and try it.take care bye for now xx .

31 Jan, 2010

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