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i had tomatoes going bad (black )before and after there ripe for the last few years , some one said they are lacking in pottasismm ( excuse the spelling ) would they be right. it wasn,t end rot as they were well watered thanks



could be lack of minerals. but blossom end rot isnt lack of water but erractic watering. so wet enough most days followed by a very hot day so the plant loses a lot of water would cause it. try a decent tomato feed such as tomorite.

14 Jun, 2013


</p><p> thank you seaburngirl

14 Jun, 2013


Some varieties seem more prone to it too I think, the last few seasons have not been good for growing tomatoes even in the greenhouse

15 Jun, 2013


</p><p> thanks pamg

15 Jun, 2013

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