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Young Peach Tree .Red Blisters on underside of the leaves !.The Small amount of blossom did produce just six pea sized fruit which fell off,and the cluster of growth around the fruit looked very diseased,and dried up.
New leaves lower on the plant look healthy enough.
Can anyone please advise me ?



It sounds like peach leaf curl which can be dealt with by spraying. Look it up in the search box above right.

14 Jun, 2013


I read somewhere that its carried by the rain I think, a way of sheltering it from the rain may help but its not easy, especially these last few years!

Cammomiles advice is best

15 Jun, 2013


Thank you for your speedy replies.Will try to get it better and in good health ,ready for a hopeful next year success.

15 Jun, 2013

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