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Hi, Out of a hedge of several prunus lusitanica, one is looking quite ill. It's leaves are folding in half, turning yellowish and falling off. A few leaves have brown irregular splotches on them about 1-1.5cm wide. All of the other plants are going brilliantly either side : should I pull this one out in case it infects the others? Thanks Jane ( oh I live in Australia..Mt Macedon)

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Sounds like it may just be a weak plant or something has attacked it as it is a weak plant. Best to remove and replace incorporating some organc matter and remove all previous roots. Bin or burn it. Feed the others if weather, climate, time of year permits you to do so, as i don't know what your climate is where you live!

Could it f been weedkill or got the drift of it from somewhere else, or perhaps its missed a few waterings?

30 Jan, 2010


when you remove it have a look at its root system, does it look big and healthy or small, or rotted away, eaten by something? roots can tell you a lot, If you can see something there that you don't understand do come back as someone here may know

31 Jan, 2010

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