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Tree Fern Offshoots & Propagation

I have two tree ferns that are about about 6' apart ( in sacramento), and one is about 12' tall and the other about 18'. Both seem quite healthy, but neither have ever had offshoots. I read that this is the best method of propagation. I was wondering if anyone knew why I never get offshoots for them.



Hi Chappo, welcome to g o y, the usual method of propagation for tree ferns is by spores, look for fronds with plump sporangia on the back, cut off, on a tree fern part of the leaf, and lay it on paper to collect the spores, once you have the spores, sow them as soon as possible onto moist sterilized seed compost and place in a propagator and mist twice a week until prothalli appear, then take small clumps and firm them onto the compost in a fresh tray, mist and return to the propagator, grow on until fronds appear, then pot them up singly into small pots, Derek.

15 Jun, 2013


Hi Derek,

Thanks for your response, I had seen that method of propagation, and I am trying that now, but there were a couple of references on the internet about offshoots coming up from the rhizome of the fern, and I was trying to find out how to get the fern to send up offshoots.


16 Jun, 2013


Hi Chappo, I don't know of any way to get them to produce offshoots, they either do or they dont, and if they do, you have to wait quite a while before you can use them, personally I would stick to the spore method, plus you will get a lot more plants, and you may be able to sell some, lol, Derek.

16 Jun, 2013


Thanks Derek,

I appreciate the help and advice.


17 Jun, 2013

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