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Aubretia and the cabbage white. I sat last week and watched dozens of flitty little cabbage white butterflies laying their eggs on the aubretia. Couldn't figure out why they should pick that, but have just read that Aubretia is from the cabbage family.
My question is, do I deal with the potential caterpillar problem, or hope there is enough aubretia to support both their appetite, and my joy of the plant? (Neither my neighbours or myself grow any veg. so cabbages are not available).



You are correct, Sophie, in saying that aubretia is one of the Brassicaceae family. I have never known butterfies lay eggs on aubretia but if you have seen them I suppose that they must (ours prefer the cabbages). Whilst a few caterpillars should not do too much harm to the plants I would think that the caterpillars from dozens of butterflies might decimate them. Shame, but I would be inclined to try and remove most of the eggs.

15 Jun, 2013

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