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Is it summer now over at the UK? How often do you water?

We've been having 33-34°C (very high humidity) daily for the past 4 days w/o rain. The heat is smothering. Even my healthy Bougainvillea leaves look droopy after the daily "baking". I am watering my container garden daily. Even twice a day for the bigger/taller plants.

Do you water your plants daily during summer? (Hope I'm not overwatering even in this high heat.)

(added pic of my Pomergranate and Bougainvillea being baked)




Have you come on here to gloat !!!!! ???? lol

15 Jun, 2013


Today its so windy and rain not far away chatbud.

But I know your rain when you get is warm rain and much need as you have so much humidity.

But I so love your country.

Its cold when we get rain.

I never water ever day .

15 Jun, 2013


Sorry, I thought it would be bright at the UK now. I was watching youtube updates from gardening friends over at Canada and it seems hot and bright over there now. They've all planted or brought out their tropical plants.

Well, the coldest we ever get is about 18°C at year-end/Jan and it usually rains everyday or every other day.

I've been paying a lot more attention to weather/climate since I took up gardening.

15 Jun, 2013


We don't do 'hot' Chatbud, our equivalent is dry and windy which is just a bad for the plants.
I don't water just for the sake of it but have some pot plants, eg primula, that act as indicators by wilting when they are short of water. I keep an eye on them and as soon as they start to show stress I water all the pots - at the moment every two or three days.

15 Jun, 2013


Some questions on watering again (this is really about watering :)

The pomergranate in the picture gets fully drenched every other day (about 750ml each time). The pot is actually longish (about 25cm down). The top layer dries out very fast. But this is surely not a good indicator of telling if it needs water. I've tried to push down my finger 2-3 inches down to feel for moisture. But is this still a good gauge to tell whether this plant needs watering cos the pot is pretty tall? Or do I keep doing this until the leaves have yellow tips?

I have read everywhere and being told all the time the Bougainvillea is drought tolerant, needs as much full sun as it can get and cannot be watered like the other tropical plants. But these recent days this Bougainvillea's leaves all droop/wilt by mid afternoon (it gets full sun 9-4pm daily). The leaves all perk up again the next morning after I give up it sparing amount of water and then the leaves droop again by mid-noon. Rinse and repeat. So now, I'm confused about the Bougainvillea :/

The entire corridor where my plants are kept is north-facing. The pomergranate picture was taken at 3pm where the sun is westwards.

15 Jun, 2013


Definition of 'summer'. An archaic word, once used to describe a long period of warm dry weather. Apparently Britain used to experience spells of weather like that, but records show that they are a feature of the distant past, and we now get a weather called 'fractious', which is a broken up mix of showers, longer spells of rain, very occasional glimpses of the sun (usually timed with an eclipse), and frost.

15 Jun, 2013


Wow, this is enlightening.
So how did Carol Klein manage her amazing garden? I watched all 6 episodes of how her garden went thru an entire year.

15 Jun, 2013


I had to laugh at WOrthys response, very funny. I live in London so we still get spells of reasonable weather which might loosely be described as summer, but the fact is, for the last three years, UK has been invariably on the wrong side of the jet stream, so the calendar says its summer, but the weather resembles autumn with a much bigger incidence of strong winds. Suffice it to say i refuse, now, to use the term global warming since it doesn't feel that way, but will say climate change is the cause.
As for watering, on the assumption that your plants are in pots which have good, unblocked drainage holes for water to run away, then give them all a good soaking as soon as the surface of the compost feels slightly dry to the touch. That might be three times a day in great heat for smaller pots, or very large plants. You can't overwater if there's free and good drainage from your pots, but it's easily possible to underwater. Different story in the ground, when a plant is able to extend its roots to seek out its own water,but in pots they're dependent on the owner to give what the need.

15 Jun, 2013


I think we have all become a bit cynical as we do not seem to have had a 'good' summer for some years, I was doing some late planting this morning as empty pots, bags, trays, and chairs were flying round me, and its mid June.

15 Jun, 2013


I was trying not to be cynical about it, Lizziebee, lol! What sprang to mind as a response was not what I wrote about our weather, which I hope was a very controlled and simple statement. For a start, I'm still under a winter duvet, still wearing my winter slippers indoors, the heating's running as we speak, I've forgotten whether I've got any summer clothing cos I've not worn any in so long, and I'm still taking high dose Vitamin D every day. Summer? Don't make me laugh (more hollow groan really) what we've been having for the last 3 years is an extended autumn...There's a lot more I could say, but it would be unfit for a lot of ears/eyes or involve lots of asterisks and symbols...

Forgive the rant, Chatbox - I refer you back to the second part of my previous answer which refers specifically to watering your plants.

15 Jun, 2013

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