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where is the best place to grow wisteria



Welcome to Goy, Rond. If you have one, a nice sturdy wall, but make sure it's somewhere easily accessible, because eventually, you'll have to be doing a lot of pruning. We have a wisteria growing against the East wall of our house, but the land is high and sloping and the darned thing goes up 4 floors. Not ideal, having to haul a heavy ladder around. You can certainly plant them against fences or a pergola, but it will have to be sturdy, because wisteria get big and very heavy, and can bring things down. We have seen an open iron canopy over a terrace, and in Spring, the wisteria forms the most exquisite, scented canopy, and later on, the leaves give lovely shade. It will certainly need a fair amount of sunshine, but seems quite happy being in the shade for maybe half the day. We see a few growing here, appearing to sprout from the pavement and growing up houses, so I don't think root damage is ever a problem.

15 Jun, 2013


Ideal conditions for wisteria from a technical horticultural vantage are: rich, moist loamy soil, positioned out of cold winds and early morning sun (in spring particularly), in a sunny, sheltered spot, with a very strong support system suitable for a twining climber already in place.

15 Jun, 2013

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