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I am a new member- I found this site because I was seeking epimedium information. I am keen to obtain seeds and am having a difficult time locating much. There are so many colors and varieties, and I want an entire collection!
If anyone knows how to obtain these I would be most grateful.
I am very much looking forward to meeting the members of this garden friends community!



Welcome to Goy,Katharina..If you scroll down to the bottom of a page,and click on E ,it will take you to a page with plants of that letter.scroll down till you come to Epimedium...sadly there is only one picture shown by a member,but the others are stockists where you can buy products from..or other information...I don't have any other knowledge of this plant,so I hope this is helpful to you...

15 Jun, 2013


Hi Katharina and welcome to GoY, if you join the North American Rock Garden Society you will, via their members, have access to Epimedium seeds.

15 Jun, 2013


This same question was asked last year 14th of November by an Australian member called Dury it was anwered by Bulbaholic part of his reply was - ' asking if they sell seeds. Clover Hill are the main growers and sellers of Epimedium in Australia'.

If you enter 'Dury's profiile' in the search box top right you can see the original question/answer. Or its on Goypeadia page 'Collecting seed' scroll down to the bottom of this page press on C and select Collecting seed and its down the page.

15 Jun, 2013


Katharina lives in the US though and it would therefore be much easier if she could buy seed there... Sending seed to the uS from other countries is a complicated business - as the Scottish Rock Garden Club knows!

16 Jun, 2013

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