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By Jvt

Warwickshire, United Kingdom Gb

Ant nest in my compost bin

I emptied my compost bin today and although the compost looks lovely and rich it's infested with ants. Is it still okay to dig into my soil? I hope so as it's one of best batches ever.



The ants will scatter immediately and move elsewhere Jvt. so go for it!! Mind the little blighters dont bite though because you are disturbing their nest, they might!

15 Jun, 2013


It's probably dry in the bin - ants don't like wet conditions, so I'd be giving it a good soak and leaving it for a day or so before attempting to use it. Ants give a really nasty nip when they want...

15 Jun, 2013


Thank you for the advice bamboo and grandmadge, I've actually bitten the bullet and used the majority of the compost from the bottom of the bin.
The majority of the ants seemed to be at the top and I gave them a good dose of nettle tea, which I have to say, did not smell like a freshly picked rose.
I'll check it again tomorrow

Kind regards, John

15 Jun, 2013


I had an ant nest last year jvt, when i went to scatter them i got bit a few times, the little horrors hurt!!!!!

15 Jun, 2013


Have been bitten too....but you have done the right thing John, nettle tea was a good move!

15 Jun, 2013

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