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By Kam9166

Kent, United Kingdom Gb

I have a passion flower that does not flower. Why is that



Hi Kam, welcome to g o y, there could be any number o reasons for it not flowering, what direction is it facing?, is it in a draughty spot?, how deeply was it planted?, how long have you had the plant,etc, could you give us more information, and perhaps a photograph of the plant please, Derek.

16 Jun, 2013


Thanks so much for taking the time to reply. The passion flower is growing out of a large pot on my balcony, facing north! That probably explains it doesn't it. It is 3 years old. It produces lovely leaves. The honeysuckle grows well as does hibiscus and clematis, but not the passion flower.

16 Jun, 2013


Hi Kam, I think you're right, in the wrong position, south or west facing would be better, they like quite a lot of sun, and facing north, they just wouldn't get enough sun, I take it you don't have a garden to put it in, they do like to put their roots down, and should be planted a bit deeper than it was in the pot, as they're not completely hardy, so i they get damaged by frost, they can shoot up again from below ground, Derek.

16 Jun, 2013


Thanks Derek. Sadly I do not have a garden to put it in. Shall I just be content with the beautiful foliage I get or is that unfair to not give it conditions in which it can flower.

17 Jun, 2013


Hi Kam, lots of plants are grown just for their foliage, so if you like it keep it, after all it is your plant, and you never know, it may just decide to put a few flowers out for you, Derek.

17 Jun, 2013

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