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why does my climbing rose have five leaves on some stems and seven leaves on others?



Hi Lorraine, welcome to g o y, usually a rose has 5 leaves, but when you find 7, it's usually from a sucker, do the shoots with 7 leaves come from below soil level?, which will mean they're below the graft, and are suckers, you should remove them,a s a p, {they sometimes have a lot more thorns on the stem as well} they will be stems that have reverted to the briar stock, onto which the variety has been either budded, or grafted, Derek.

16 Jun, 2013


Although, some of the more robust cultivars do have the occasional seven leafleted leaf, so don't worry too early.

16 Jun, 2013


Thank you both Derekm and Worthy1 for your comments on my climbing rose. Yes the 7 leaf branch is probably a sucker as it is right at the bottom of the rose. Thanks. Lorraine.

17 Jun, 2013

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